MVP #49: The Steam Crave Squonk Mod & The Vandy Vape Pulse 22-BF RDA Review & Build

Hey everybody, thanks for stopping by,

OK, First off let me warn you that this IS a LONG review, it's over 1 hour & 34 minutes, yeah, you read that right, 1 hour & 34 minutes!

Now before you go running for the hills jabbering to yourself that I'm just plain nuts (I may very well be, my wife has even said so, in no uncertain terms on occasion) remember this is basically TWO REVIEWS in one, there is the Vandy Vape Pulse BF RDA & the Steam Crave Squonk Mod, that comes to about only (ONLY he says with a straight face) 49 minutes PER review, SEE I AM GETTING BETTER AT THIS!!!

OK I'm not going to give out with ANY spoilers on this one, you're going to have to watch it for yourselves, the time stamps for the individual sections of the video are as follows:
Build Deck Intro = 02:28
Vandy Vape Pulse Review = 08:08
Steam Crave Squonk Mod Review = 40:21
Cotton Burn Test = 01:05:40
Final Thoughts & Wrap-up = 01:16:17
(times may differ slightly due to YouTube's compression algorithms).

This review has taken me the better part of two weeks to complete, I KNOW, it's a bit much, but these two products, while from different manufacturers and just barely related (by their intended usage) just fit together so well that I JUST HAD to go for it.

If you manage to get through the WHOLE review please drop me a line here and let me know what you thought about it, and if you ONLY watched those portions that interested you (and that's OK as well) please do likewise.

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PLEASE, don't forget, the opinions I express in this or ANY review or Vlog is just my PERSONAL opinion on the product or issues I'm looking at and speaking about, IF you are considering purchasing ANYTHING I do a review on, I strongly advise you to do your research before you buy, PLEASE, P-L-E-A-S-E never go out and spend your hard earned money on just my opinion alone, watch and read as many different reviews as you can, get as many opinions as you can, THEN, and ONLY THEN, make YOUR OWN INFORMED decision to purchase the product or not.

A few of my reviews are for products that I have received free for the purpose of doing the review, this in no way, shape or form affects my opinion(s) on these products!

The vast majority of products I review (INCLUDING THESE ITEMS) I have purchased with my own money, and, this likewise in no way affects my opinion(s) on whether these products are good or not.

In other words, don't get upset just because my opinion is different from your own, OK!

Take care and may the wind be ever at your back,

Joe M.

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