What I own and why....

 I currently own the Sigelei 150 TC, a few dna 40 mods (the vapor flask by vapor shark being my favorite of them), and a couple unregulated mods.  I do favor my Flask and the Sig 150 over all at the moment. I've owned the Snow Wolf v.1, the IPV4 v.1 and the iStick 100w. Problems with the weight and auto temp mode not coming on or sometimes not turning off from the Snow Wolf eliminated it from my collection. I didn't like the IPV4 much felt cheap and didn't like the looks after having it, plus didn't want to deal with problems I seen arising from forums. And the iStick was what i wanted a regulated mod, simple menu, no temp needed, 100w, dual 18650s and charging on the go for that just in case moment. The problem with the iStick was that I almost wished they charged a bit more and gave me a little better quality. I got mine for $35 from Vapor Shark with shipping $40, but i would have paid $15 more for some better buttons. The body sterdy and solid, battery door was nice and tight, the mod felt great in the hand even thou it was a bit bigger then i thought it should be. But those damn cheap buttons lol, ruined it for me.  The IPV 3 Li and the Tesla 200w did appeal to me but I like the solid feel of the Sig a bit better, I dont go over 100 so going above 150 made no difference to me. And last, I'm not a big SMOK fan so the SMOK X CUBE 2 never really appealed to me, all the bells, whistles and flashing lights are great but in the end I just want a constant smooth vape experience, from a reliable device.  And a key word "constant" is the reason why I like regulated devices over straight mech mods.  So I suppose you can see I'm picky as hell.  I'm buying and selling after a week or two, sometimes getting my money back and sometimes losing a little, chalking the whole thing up as a learning experience. But for now thats what this all is, a big learning experience.
As a dripper I started off strong on the temp hype but that was short lived. As info keeps coming out on different wire, I'm satisfied with kanthal right now, in a way time has taught me how to vape and dry hits come very far and few between.  Ni200 on a tank never really made that much sense to me, one you should feel your vape getting weaker and "a big two" you can see that your tank is dry. We are trying to avoid burning cotton and ejuice and combating that by risking possible harmful affects from the coil... makes no sense, but to each his own. And yes, I do own several temp control mods and I've stated two are my go to mods and atm my favorites, but that is not because of the temp control option. All the newest stuff coming out, with all the most up to date chip sets is making that standard, so I have it, but I choose not to use it. Hey I like nice new things just like the next guy, but we cant allow ourseves to get all wound up in the hype, companies will sell you anything they can to make money.  We have to sit back, take a breath, look around, listen, read and think, then make your coice and choose what you want and need it for.
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