Hey Hey from BillyG of Rise Liquid Vapor

Hey Hey, just wanted to give a quick shout out to all my NEW Vape Fam here on the Vapedom! I'm a Vaper, Off Road Jeep enthusiast, Professional musician and part of Rise Liquid Vapor! Been vapein' for awhile now, got into it because I really wanted to quit smoking and so far so good! I feel so much better! A couple friends and I were sick and tired of bad juice, or way to much PG in the juice we liked so we started figuring out a way to make a better juice. We came up with the Rise-N line by Rise Liquid Vapor. Premium Max VG juice line with NO added PG except the very little in the flavoring. We use all Organic food grade products in all of our juices, and we come out between 94-96% PURE Organic VG. HUGE clouds with Rise and 100% NO throat hit! Rise-N is also very tasty and every one of our products are pre-steeped 3 months prior to bottling. All Hand made and Hand bottled in South Florida. SOFLO!!! If you want to check our website we are at www.riseliquidvapor.com You are always welcome to email me about anything and everything. I love to talk anything Vape, Jeep or music!! Hit me up sometime! Glad to meet all of you, Vape on Fam.! \m/ -OlllllllO-
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