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   As of late I have been visiting a few channels on Vape TV. and i must say that for the most part , some of the channels were very pleasant, and really appeald to me as a helpful and friendly part of the vaping community. However, there were a few channels that just made me feel un-easy and I felt as if I didn't belong. I even had an issue with one of the casters that attacked everything i said. my mod choices, juice profile, the tanks i use, everything i found pleasant was deemed "crap",
    Have we as vapors become "know it all" types? I'd like to think not. in my journey of vaping, finding what works for me (my personal sweet spot) was and is respected by others. This person just kept telling me that wIF i was a true vaper i just had to have certian things to qualify and that is the point i want to correct.
  Remember when you first got your little ego battery and clearomizer? How great it was that you acheived the one thing that helped you to stop smoking? And as you grew in your vaping chapter you went on to find "devices and juices" that really tickeled your fancy? Well, for all you beginner vapers, be proud of where you are and don't let anyone tell you that you have all the wrong stuff. You are on YOUR personal path and it will as you grow; branch out and you will discover what you want and like.
   As far as reviewers, watch them on youtube, get to know what is available in the market that might interest you, but keep in mind, these are all subjective ideas and nothing is etched in stone.
    To all us veteran vape peeps, a word of wisdom: Never forget where we came from, and never forget where we are on our path of vapedom. Encourage and praise the ones below that will climb to the hieghts that we have and VAPE ON!
Posted in Announcement on February 19 at 09:24 AM

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