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Like many other states, Ohio is now looking at the new vaping industry with an appetite for tax revenues. However, most press for something straight-forward like a straight tax percentage or a flat tax per device. Ohio’s governor, on the other hand, is seeking a tax explicitly on vaping liquids based on the number of milliliters of liquid. Estimates thus far suggest that the tax will work out to roughly a 150 to 170% tax on e-liquid.
4 days ago
We used to believe that smoking killed half its users. But that was yesterday, when we lived in ignorant bliss, mindful of smoking’s harms but still unclear on its full ramifications. Now we live in a world of death and gloom where it appears that smoking ultimately kills as much as 66% (2 out of every three) of smokers. We can look back now and mock our ignorant past selves all while missing that blissful dream.
4 days ago
The lengths electronic cigarette opponents will go to in order to argue against the devices remains staggering even today. You’d think we would get used to it, but every once in a while they surprise even us. Most recently, it involves a small study which researchers are swearing proves that electronic cigarettes don’t help with smoking cessation.
4 days ago
Italy was one of the first countries to institute a tax aimed at electronic cigarettes and vapor products — focused primarily on e-liquids. The tax went into effect in January of this year and roughly doubles the price of e-liquids and e-cig refills there.
4 days ago
Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Margaret Hamburg is stepping down this week — a retirement she announced at the beginning of February and the end to a 6-year tenure in the position. Presumably, she never intended to stay in the position for so long and she now ranks as one of the nation’s longest tenures in the position
4 days ago

Hey folks! I've been in talks with TheVapedom's Master Admin to set up a HUGE giveaway once this site reaches 2000 members! Currently we're at 500 members. We've got a ways to go, so share TheVapedom with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! W
NoodleKing · 4 days ago

It was just on the news that e cigs have harmfull chemicals in them that ciggaretts dont have. But of course they dont mention the 4000 cancer causing chemicals that e cigs dont have. Typical of this country to report on the negatives and not the positives
Raptor · 24 days ago
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