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I am VapinJenn I am a former 2.5 pack a day Menthol 100's smoker and I sucked each and every one of those down for about 30 years.  Dec 3, 2013 I was diagnosed with metastatic brain cancer, 3 tumors all not operable one on my motor skills, one on memory, and the one they are constantly concerned about is on my brain stem.  I was floored when I got the news.  I asked all the why me, I'm too young questions and decided I had to make a change in my life.  My husband drove me to a local brick and mortar store and I picked up my first ego/evod set up and my 22mg of eliquid and as they say the rest is history.

I spent day after day researching e-cigs, getting new equipment as my knowledge advanced and all the while taking the chance and lowering my nicotine levels.  I even began making my own coils and found a new hobby along with a life saving system.  Something that actually worked.  No medications, no patches a simple device that helped me to quit the combustible tobacco roller coaster. 

Today I am 100% tobacco free and am loving life. I can breathe again.  I made my first 8 mile round trip hike with my husband and didn't feel the harsh breathing, shoot I haven't use my asthma inhaler for almost 6 months now.  January this year (2015) I entered chemotherapy and found I couldn't afford to pay for my e-liquid and coils for my tanks so I decided to start doing e-liquid reviews.  I couldn't believe that people would want to see me on YouTube and take my advice on e-liquids and mods, but they did.  I am honest either I am sent sample or if I buy them no one gets anything other than a fair and honest review.  I do it not for the vape shops or e-liquid manufacturers I do this for my viewers.  So hopefully you don't make some of the mistakes I've made over the years and a half I've made.  AND I love it, I love reviewing new lines and mods coming on the market.  the vape scene is changing so fast I am constantly learning.

As many vapers do, I have a TON of different equipment, however I like to keep current and my older equipment I pass on to new vapers in need of upgrades. I love fruits, desserts, custards, well just about anything even flavored tobaccos! I use many devices in my line up:  the Herakles and the Sigelei 150w with Temp control, the new SMOK X Cube II with the SMOK TFV4, and a freaskhow dripper.  I have loved the versatility the TFV4 gives us all so if I am having a bad day I can throw in a coil or I build my own depending on the day and how I feel, on the Freakshow, the TFV4 and the Kanger Subtank Plus.  I have MS and also been fighting cancer so some days I would rather just throw in a coil, especially with my brain tumor that causes seizures and migraines.  I vape 3-4mg and 80/20 VG/PG. 

NOW I am honored to be apart of something other than myself.  I am apart of a fantastic team with Essence_of_Bespin.  Now I have a show  teaching and educating new vapers and I LOVE IT!!   Having fun doing juice reviews, mod reviews, and horsin around with my friends and family!

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