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SORRY tis was suppose to have been put here:
It was a bit odd today when I posted my latest review on the Innokin Cool Fire IV.  One of the viewers asked if I paid for or received my items for free.  I know this goes back to the you are paid because you got a mod for free.  Well here's what I said....Every Vendor who sends me mods, tanks, rebuildables, juice etc, If I purchase them or not I will 100% give my thoughts on the product as truthfully as I can.  I will NEVER compromise my principles to my viewers.  You come to me (or other reviewers) for our honest opinions on products.  I cannot in good conscience say this or that is amazing if I really do not feel it is.  Like in the cool fire review, I like the tank but not having a removable drip tip is sorta a down side for me.  BUT, everything else, I really liked and enjoyed.

Here's the thing...I review vape items FOR FUN....I started reviewing to support my vape habit while I was paying ridiculous co-pays for my chemo and medications, but I found I liked it a lot. I'm am most certainly not the typical reviewer look.  1) I'm not a guy and this genre is dominated 99% by men and 2) I do not have a super model body type.  So for me I work even harder to do honest reviews and it is starting to pay off and I am proud of what I am accomplishing.  I look back at my first few videos and laugh and now I hope I am starting to come into my own.

I want viewers to come sit back get a cool look at new products, Maybe find an E-Liquid or two they really enjoy and be entertained.  Starting September 22,2015 I will be hosting on on the Essence of Bespin Network.

I encourage you to comment/join my on Facebook/and subscribe to my YouTube Channel.  Let me know how I'm doin and if you want to see something let me know and I will see what can be done.

AND PLEASE REMEMBER.....When reviewing a Juice manufacturer,  taste is so subjective to the viewer.  At this time I have tasted probably over 100 juice and juice companies and out of those I have only like every flavor from 4 companies.  So however you take that....Just because I mat not like something that you will.  I can only speak to what my taste buds are saying.

So, as to the original question.....Yes and No.  Some I purchase some I am sent but either way all reviews are treated the same.


on September 28 at 12:30 AM

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