Eleaf iStick 40W TC - Written Review

I know it's been done before, but I feel that I owe Gearbest a review. The iStick 40W TC is a pretty straight-forward device. It feels, looks, and operates just like its older brother, the iStick 20W, just double the power and with temp control. - Going from the top down, my first gripe with this little dude is the 510 connection. It protrudes ever so slightly and causes a gap between my attys and the mod. That said, everything I've put on it fits and works just fine. - There's a lanyard slot on the top next to the 510 connection, which I think is a nifty addition especially for the folks that head out and about with their gear. - The circular fire button is a major improvement over the 20W version. It sits in a raised housing similar to the Sigelei 100W. The button does feel a bit loose and will rattle if the mod is shaken, but still has a tactile click to it. - The screen again retains the familiar DNA-esque look and feel of the originals with the exception of the ohms reader showing resistance as specific as down to the hundredths place (finally). Of course that was necessary for accurate readings with temp control, but I'm glad to have it with wattage mode - no more building a 0.52 ohm coil and having it read 0.6 ohms. I would however like to see Eleaf put out a different, more unique board for the future iSticks. The DNA design has been beaten to death completely at this point. -Beneath the screen are the familiar up and down arrows with a new oval shaped button between them used for temp control. They too feel slightly loose and will rattle when shaken, but they do feel very clicky and responsive. I really enjoy the temp control button! I no longer need to hold down this button and then push that button at the same time and then click the fire button three times before holding down both arrow buttons for 30 seconds and then chanting a password, all just to get into temp control. Pressing one dedicated button for switching modes is brilliant and makes operating the iStick 40W a joy. I hope other mods will follow suit. - Built in 2600 mah battery. There's no removing this one. Some folks see that as a pro, others see it as a con. Personally, I haven't had much issue with the battery life as I'm used to blasting through a single 18650 battery in a few hours by vaping around 40 watts. That's to be expected. That said, it does charge fairly quickly. - Probably my biggest gripe with this mod is the placement of the USB port. Again, like the original iStick, the USB port is on the bottom of the mod. If I'm vaping a dripper and I notice it's time to charge the mod, I have to take the dripper off and set the mod on its side to plug it in. That's an annoying and unnecessary step. Please Eleaf, move the USB port next time! Wattage mode - Though I've fit several different attys and tanks on this mod with no real problems, I've found that I prefer to use either my Velocity clone or my Skyborg RDA (which I'm also reviewing for a later date) due to their size. Currently I'm vaping a 0.44 ohm 26 gauge kanthal build in the Skyborg between 35 and 40 watts, and I gotta say this little bugger gives me all the flavor and vapor I need to last the day. TC mode - The pinnacle of temp control in my mind is my SX Mini M Class, therefore I compare all temp controlled devices to it. I spent two days this week vaping only temp control on the iStick and a Plume Veil clone, and it was wonderful. My setup was 440 degrees F at 40 watts. Personally I think it may be a bit under-powered in temp control mode, at least compared to the SX Mini, but it's light years ahead of any DNA mod I've used. The ease of use puts it a step above almost all of the temp control mods I own, and I find that pretty impressive for a mod this small and in this price range (on sale for $28.90 from Gearbest as of this review, regular price $35). I got this free from Gearbest through a giveaway, but this is a mod that I would've happily paid them for. This is a mod everyone can enjoy, from the noobs just starting their vaping journey, to the pros out there building their own gear and mixing their own juice. With the power, the functions, and the price all considered, this is a mod everyone should have. Thanks, Gearbest! iStick 40W TC - http://www.gearbest.com/electronic-cigarettes/pp_204287.html
on August 26 at 10:44 PM

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  • William Sarginson